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73% of Companies Say they Lack Confidence in the Potential Benefits of Web3 Technology

by Michael Nicholas
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73% of Companies Say they Lack Confidence in the Potential Benefits of Web3 Technology

A recent survey hosted by Glossy and Modern Retail’s Q1 2023 among a diverse group of brands, has disclosed that a staggering 73% of them who have adopted Web3 last year are not confident about the potential benefits of Web3 technology as they have not seen any major shift in their business growth since the adoption of Web3 technology. The survey polled over 500 brands across different industries, including retail, finance, technology, and healthcare, among others.

How Many Businesses Adopted Web3 Technology?

Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is a rising technology that wants to build a more decentralized and democratic internet. To reap the benefits of this emerging technology and avoid being left behind, many big firms have stepped up to adopt Web3 technology including Microsoft, Spotify, Meta, Twitter, and many others are on their way to join this large force.

Web3 leverages blockchain technology to allow peer-to-peer transactions without the requirement for intermediaries which makes it apart from the rest of the technologies available in the market. It is said that Web3 will facilitate a more secure and private internet, where users have more control over their data.

The Future of Web3

Despite the skepticism among many brands, Web3 technology is gaining momentum and is likely to be an increasingly significant part of the future of the internet. Many experts predict that it will lead to a more decentralized internet that is more resistant to censorship and control by powerful corporations.

As more brands discover the potential of Web3 technology and learn about its benefits, it is expected that the skepticism will gradually lessen. However, it remains to be seen how rapidly this will happen and how much of an impact Web3 will have on the internet in the future.

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