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A 70% Surge in Crypto May Ease Economic Woes in the US During the 2023 Recession

by Stew Lane
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A 70% Surge in Crypto May Ease Economic Woes in the US During the 2023 Recession

It’s been a remarkable year for Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market, with BTC surging more than 40% since January 2023. At the time of writing, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is trading at $22,789, making its total market capitalization an awe-inspiring $439. billion.

This impressive rally has shown no signs of abating – inspiring many investors to join the ride. As an enthusiast, I can attest to how much further cryptocurrency come on its journey toward mass adoption. In 2021, it seemed like a distant dream; now, though, things are looking increasingly realistic.

With new governments offering their support, institutional money pouring in, and platforms becoming evermore intuitive and accessible, the prospects for cryptocurrencies seem brighter than ever!

An Alarming Observation Shook the Crypto Space

An alarming observation by a crypto expert may turn crypto enthusiasts’ happiness into a nightmare as Mike McGlone of Bloomberg Intelligence recently claimed that the cryptocurrency market is headed towards its first real recession, bringing in its wake a glut of turbulent price swings and declining asset values. This could mean potentially damaging setbacks for investors involved with digital assets as economic hardship looms large on the horizon.

However, he further added that a 70% surge in crypto assets may ease economic woes in the US during this year’s recession. Cryptocurrency, a revolutionary form of digital currency enabled by blockchain technology, has been tested in tumultuous economic environments, and despite its volatile nature, it has emerged unscathed. It is not a surprise; after all, cryptocurrency was born out of a recessionary period, so it will be very interesting to see how it will survive future economic downturns.


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