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As Congress and SEC Debate, Cryptocurrency Regulations Remain Uncertain

by David Perry
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As Congress and SEC Debate, Cryptocurrency Regulations Remain Uncertain

Congress urges the SEC to create clear regulations for the cryptocurrency industry following the XRP lawsuit, raising questions about the future direction of crypto regulation.

Key Points

  • Congress urges SEC to create crypto regulations after XRP lawsuit.
  • U.S. Congressman French Hill and Rep. Dusty Johnson prioritize clear rules.
  • SEC faces pressure to change enforcement approach from Congress.
  • Clash between Congress and SEC impacts crypto industry’s future.

In the world of XRP, there is a new buzz surrounding the calls from Congress for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to create comprehensive and efficient regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. This comes in the wake of the SEC’s recent partial victory in the XRP lawsuit summary judgment, further highlighting the need for clear guidelines in the digital asset space.

U.S. Congressman on the Move

U.S. Congressman French Hill and Rep. Dusty Johnson recently wrote a letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler, raising their concerns and emphasizing the importance of establishing productive rules in the crypto space. They stressed the significance of providing a clear regulatory framework for all market participants, making it a top priority for the House Committee on Financial Services and the House Committee on Agriculture.

These committees have taken the initiative to address the existing regulatory gaps by organizing more than 15 hearings on digital asset policy over the past four years. While Congress continues its efforts to bridge these gaps, the SEC has primarily focused on regulating the market through enforcement actions. However, Congress wants the SEC to collaborate with them to foster innovation and growth in the markets.

The pressure on the SEC is intensifying, as Fox Business Journalist Eleanor Terrett reported that two letters were recently sent to SEC Chair Gary Gensler, urging the Commission to change its approach to regulating crypto through enforcement. Rep. Ritchie Torres also expressed similar concerns to Gensler.

Following the ruling on the XRP lawsuit, the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services Republicans highlighted the importance of the SEC chair working with Congress to protect digital asset users. This indicates a growing interest in establishing clear rules and safeguards for the cryptocurrency industry.

However, there seems to be a divergence of opinions within the SEC. While Congress is actively working to bridge regulatory gaps, the SEC appears to be leaning towards a more stringent enforcement approach. They are attempting to exert control over crypto intermediaries through multiple rulemaking and staff actions. Whether this clash of visions will lead to friction in the crypto arena remains to be seen.


The urgency for clear and efficient regulations in the cryptocurrency industry is mounting. Congress, alongside various committees, is pushing for collaboration with the SEC to ensure the protection of digital asset users and foster innovation and growth. Meanwhile, the SEC’s emphasis on enforcement actions raises questions about the future direction of crypto regulation. As the industry evolves, the outcome of this clash between Congress and the SEC will undoubtedly shape the landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

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