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Celebrated Photographer David Christopher Lee Announces NFT Giveaways of Legendary Images

by Michael Nicholas
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Celebrated Photographer David Christopher Lee Announces NFT Giveaways of Legendary Images

Esteemed lensman, David Christopher Lee, is set to excite his fans and the crypto community with his latest announcement. Over the course of June, Lee plans to offer several prized photos as NFTs, free of charge. Among these coveted treasures is a photograph of Kim Kardashian, renowned for her beauty and media presence.

Empowering Artists through Illuminate Art

This grand giveaway coincides with the unveiling of Illuminate Art, a top-tier talent management platform catering to established artists. Illuminate Art stresses the significance of fostering a digital persona and a vibrant virtual community. 

Lee’s giveaway sets the stage for this innovative venture. All Instagram users can partake in these exciting offerings by following both David Christopher Lee and @illuminate.art_, and by tagging three friends under an @illuminate.art_ post.

Rare Treasures from Klaus Moeller’s Digital Trove

In an equally thrilling revelation, Klaus Moeller, a well-known collector boasting an extensive digital collection of over 20 million celebrity pictures, will allow exclusive access to his precious archives. The trove includes scarce vintage negatives from the iconic RKO studio, further enriching the experience.

A Fresh Canvas with NFTs

In addition, post-impressionistic artist Sari Esserman, recognized for her artistic prowess, has joined the Illuminate Art’s launch, showcasing her commitment to the revolutionary potential of NFTs in artistic expression.

User-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Illuminate’s technological edge lies in its easy-to-use sales platform, superior customer service, and the provision of a Venly wallet upon signing up. The company, a subsidiary of RialtoSOFT, further sweetens the deal by absorbing gas costs associated with minting NFTs. This strategic move fosters a superior customer experience while eliminating one of the key barriers to NFT adoption.

A Reliable NFT Marketplace Solution

Illuminate’s primary mission, as part of RialtoSOFT, is to provide support to individuals and organizations striving to carve their niche in the competitive NFT market. The platform maintains brand consistency and introduces flexible payment methods including crypto and credit cards, easing the journey for both artists and collectors. 

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