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Ethereum Foundation and Vitalik Buterin Cash Out, ETH Price Dips Follow

by Michael Nicholas
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Ethereum Foundation and Vitalik Buterin Cash Out, ETH Price Dips Follow

The Ethereum Foundation recently sold 1,700 ETH for 2.738 million USDC at a price of $1,611 per coin. After the sale, ETH’s price dropped by 1.45%.

Key Takeaways

  • Ethereum Foundation sells 1,700 ETH for 2.738 million USDC, followed by a price dip.
  • ETH price experiences a 1.45% slip immediately after the Foundation’s transaction.
  • Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, sells ETH worth $1.64 million over the weekend.
  • Broader crypto market follows a downward trend, influenced by various factors including external hacks and geopolitical events.

A ripple of consternation is weaving through the cryptocurrency market as on-chain data reveals substantial Ethereum (ETH) sales by the Ethereum Foundation and its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, shortly before the coin experienced price drops. The Ethereum Foundation, earlier today, executed a transaction selling 1,700 ETH at $1,611 per coin on Uniswap dex, totaling 2.738 million USDC. Notably, a 1.45% price dip to $1,590 followed this considerable sale.

The wider crypto market is concurrently experiencing a downturn, with Ethereum and numerous altcoins reflecting this trend as they tail the slipping price of Bitcoin, which moved from $27,790 to the $27,500 zone. Two potential catalysts fueling this descent include the recent Stars Arena hack, which saw nearly $3 million in crypto absconded, and a cascade of geopolitical events potentially unsettling the market.

The weekend saw a parallel instance where Vitalik Buterin parted with 1,000 ETH, equivalent to $1.64 million in fiat, on the Bitstamp exchange. Moreover, scrutiny into Buterin’s wallet activity over the past two months reveals the transfer of around 4,400 ETH (valued at $7.23 million) to Bitstamp, signaling additional substantial sell-offs by the Ethereum frontman.

The synchronized timing of significant ETH sales by the Ethereum Foundation and Buterin, juxtaposed against the subsequent price dips, elucidates the potent influence of large-scale trades by prominent entities in the cryptocurrency sphere. It puts a spotlight on the perennial debate concerning market manipulation and the transparency of large holders in dictating price movements, albeit without clear evidence of causation.


While it’s tempting to infer a direct correlation between these sales and the price fluctuations that followed, it’s imperative to consider the myriad factors that perpetually mold the cryptocurrency market’s temperament. External events, such as security breaches and geopolitical movements, are pivotal players in this arena, often inciting market volatility.

Investors and spectators might gaze upon these instances as learning opportunities, spotlighting the importance of vigilant market observation and the necessity to comprehend that substantial trades by influential entities can precipitate notable market movements. The pivotal takeaway revolves around cultivating a robust, diversified investment strategy, ensuring resilience amidst the multifaceted, dynamic play of the cryptocurrency market.

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