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FBI Conducts High-Stakes Investigation by Raiding Ex-Kraken CEO Jesse Powell’s Residence

by David Perry
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FBI Conducts High-Stakes Investigation by Raiding Ex-Kraken CEO Jesse Powell's Residence

Kraken founder Jesse Powell faces FBI investigation over cyber-hacking and stalking allegations, adding to legal scrutiny and regulatory challenges for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Key Points

  • Founder of Kraken, Jesse Powell, under intense FBI investigation regarding cyber-hacking and stalking allegations.
  • Investigation focuses on claims of Powell interfering with the accounts of the non-profit organization Verge Center for the Arts, which he founded.
  • Powell’s attorney asserts his innocence, stating that the probe is unrelated to his professional activities in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Investigation adds to existing legal scrutiny surrounding Kraken, highlighting increasing regulatory challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges.

The founder of Kraken, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, is currently the subject of an intense investigation as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducts a search of his Los Angeles home. Jesse Powell finds himself at the center of the probe, which is focused on allegations of cyber-hacking and stalking.

The FBI’s investigation is centered around claims that Powell interfered with the computer accounts of a non-profit organization called Verge Center for the Arts, which he himself founded. It is alleged that Powell blocked access to important emails and other communications of the organization. During the search of Powell’s home in the affluent Brentwood neighborhood, law enforcement authorities seized various electronic devices. However, no criminal charges have been filed against Powell at this time. Nevertheless, the search indicates the seriousness of the investigation and the potential consequences for the crypto entrepreneur.

Powell Attorney Defense

Powell’s attorney, Brandon Fox, confirmed that his client is being investigated by federal prosecutors in Northern California. However, Fox made it clear that the probe is specifically related to the allegations made by Verge Center for the Arts and does not involve Powell’s professional activities in the cryptocurrency industry. Fox firmly asserted Powell’s innocence, stating that he “did nothing wrong.”

Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by Powell, emphasized that the investigation solely pertains to the allegations involving Verge Center for the Arts and does not affect the company. Nonetheless, the outcome of the investigation could impact Kraken’s reputation and future prospects. Kraken is a major player in the crypto exchange space.

Interestingly, this investigation adds to the existing legal scrutiny surrounding Kraken. In the past, the exchange has faced allegations, including claims made in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed in 2019. Although the lawsuit was settled in 2021, it accused Kraken of earning revenue from accounts in countries under U.S. sanctions and alleged missing customer deposits.


This incident occurs at a time when cryptocurrency exchanges are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny. Kraken’s competitors, such as FTX, Coinbase, and Binance, have also encountered significant regulatory challenges. Authorities are demonstrating their commitment to ensuring compliance and addressing potential misconduct within the industry.

As the investigation develops, the crypto community anxiously awaits its impact on Jesse Powell’s future and the broader landscape of the cryptocurrency exchange sector.

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