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Franklin Templeton to Offer Crypto Fund for Institutional Investors

by Michael Nicholas
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Franklin Templeton Crypto Fund

Franklin Templeton, one of the leading asset management companies in the world has filed for a crypto fund with the U.S. regulator, SEC. This fund is focused on institutional investors and it will be named Franklin Templeton Blockchain Fund II.  

This is not the only crypto fund that the company has in its basket. The company has another crypto fund also. As per the fund house, $100,000 is the minimum investment requirement in this fund which may change in due course of time as there is not much information available on this subject.  

Taste of Crypto for Traditional Investors

This move by the fund house is likely to introduce the concept of crypto investing for traditional investors. More and more traditional investment houses are now offering crypto funds and it is a clear indication that equity is slowly being taken over by crypto investments. We may see more filings for crypto-related funds in the latter half of 2023.

According to the filing, it says that the fund will not be open for investors over a period of the next 12 months. However, Franklin Templeton has not said anything about this officially.

Franklin Templeton’s Diversity in New Investment Opportunities

Franklin Templeton is all set to change the scenario of traditional investments. The company is not just focused on crypto. It has also launched an ETF-focused Metaverse which is named Franklin Metaverse UCIS ETF. The company believes Metaverse has a huge potential that the world will witness over the course of a few years and this ETF may be a game changer. 

The fund house has also launched a mutual fund that tokenizes cash, repurchase agreements, and U.S. government securities on the Polygon Blockchain by the name of the US Government Money Market Fund. This makes it the first-ever mutual fund that is registered on the blockchain network.

These steps taken by Franklin Templeton will bring forward a new set of revolutions in terms of crypto investing.  

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