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Global Rockstar: The Pioneer in Music NFTs Makes Another Leap

by Michael Nicholas
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Have you heard of Felicia Lu – two times German Eurovision contest participant, or Zoë Straub, who represented Austria in the main Eurovision event in 2016? Both are associated with the music label Global Rockstar, and both are already notable names in the music industry. Most of their success is due to their hard work and the professionalism behind the Global Rockstar team. 

Global Rockstar has been a pioneer in the music industry since it was founded, and it continues to drive forward. In 2021, the company entered Web3 and started offering Music NFTs to their fans.

The NFT and the Music NFT markets are both thriving

The entire NFT market in 2021 was estimated to be worth around $25 billion, and the Music NFT market was nearly $90 million. This year the market is estimated to skyrocket as more Web3 users see the opportunity to be part of something big.

As Joan Westenberg wrote in this Coinbase article, the music industry was disrupted by mediators, literally ripping off artists. Musicians realize the benefits of the blockchain industry and decide to offer their work through NFT platforms or finance it with Music NFTs through companies such as Global Rockstar. 

Global Rockstar is a Music NFT company

Global Rockstar is an innovative music label and publisher that operates the music platform GlobalRockstar.com. While a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals runs the agency and takes care of several young talents, it is also deeply involved in the Web3 community pushing the Music NFT industry forward.

Unlike traditional Music NFT offers where artists sell only music NFTs to their fans, Global Rockstar is already a level up and offers not only the right over a Music NFT but also enables Fans to become shareholders of the songs’ hit songs and to participate in its revenues from streams, downloads, radio plays, licensing for up to 70 years.

Various opportunities are available for fans on the Global Rockstar platform

As true pioneers work, Global Rockstar is once again moving the boundaries. They just started auctioning a new type of Music NFT called C-Music NFT. The “C” stands for collectibles and is a type of NFT that offers investors a chance to own unique unreleased and unpublished works of their favorite artists.

Investors can now choose between S-Music NFTs, which are ownership rights into singles that bring revenue from streaming, radio, TV, ad, or other types of usage, or C-Music NFTs, real collector’s items that may gain value with the success of the artist.

How to take part and be an investor?

It’s straightforward to get your hands on some of the Music NFTs available on the Global Rockstar platform. All you need to do is register on the platform and find the track or artists you want to invest in. You don’t have to worry about cryptocurrencies because the platform provides everything for you, and fiat payment is also available. As simple as online shopping.

If you’re aiming for the C-Music NFTs, you may need to attend an auction. The latest C-Music NFT from Felicia Lu offered only 66 pieces of unpublish acoustic versions of the single “In your hands.” The starting bid was 166 Euros. These users can also resell the track’s ownership and the artwork on the upcoming marketplace.

In Closing

The Music NFT market is rapidly moving forward, and it’s only a matter of time until most artists realize that this way of promoting their work is best for everyone. This May, we announced the new C-Music NFTs, and the roadmap has scheduled the first GRS marketplace to go live by the end of Q3 2022. Global Rockstar will continue to move the industry forward. 

About Global Rockstar

Global Rockstar is a music platform where artists can get their music production financed through fans. The fans can invest in the artists’ production and then participate in their revenue. Hence the platform connects artists, composers, writers, and producers and distributes recordings worldwide.

Since 2017, every fan can become part of the musicians’ journeys by buying shares of their productions – songs or albums. Shares come in the form of Music NFTs. Global Rockstar collects all revenues from streaming stores, radio, etc., and transfers them pro-rata to all rights holders.

Since May 2022 Global Rockstar has also offered C-Music NFTs (Collectible Music NFTs) that enable fans to become owners of unique unreleased and never to be released recordings.

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