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IMC aims to be the optimal solution for the Bear Market in the DeFi and NFT sector

by Michael Nicholas
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July 23, 2022– A leading global investment management firm, the IMC ecosystem, aims to set a standard for how users can earn extra income in the DeFi and NFT sectors during a bear market.

Because of the present Bear Market, market liquidity is limited, and DeFi's overall yields appear to be fairly low, the IMC quantitative system is well-positioned to be the hedge that investors require in these times. In the DeFi and NFT sectors, quantitative products appear to be the best solution to the income dilemma. To maximize quantitative investment returns for users, the IMC ecosystem focuses on the cryptocurrency market and utilizes the world's top cryptocurrency-based quantitative strategies.

The IMC quantification system allows users to invest capital and quantify time. The higher the yield, the longer the regular investment and the larger the funds. The AI intelligent quantitative algorithm in the IMC quantitative system can integrate the factors generated by each node on the data chain and encrypted derived data into a new transaction decision-making factor pool. It can also provide appreciation services such as digital assets, digital asset management on various scales, IMC multi-signing technology services, system multi-language support services, digital asset trading services, risk-free digital high-frequency automatic quantitative trading asset services, user high-frequency automatic quantitative trading asset services, and so on.

The IMC platform has also developed a powerful income system that can provide far more income to investors than other quantitative ecosystems. The IMC quantification system includes a static and dynamic income model, which necessitates the purchase of products with a static income of more than 60 days. This model has five levels, and investors can work together to get larger profits.

It is worth noting that a minimum investment of 100 USDT is required for users to begin investing. Users can join hands to form a team, and the team will be assigned a distinct VIP level based on its overall capital volume. The first level is VIP1 where the capital volume is between 100 USDT and 19999 USDT, the team advances to VIP2 when the capital volume is between 20000USDT and 100000USDT, and so on. When the capital volume reaches a predetermined level, the team can advance to the next level, and users can enjoy the corresponding level's income (for example, VIP2 is 7 percent, VIP3 is 10 percent).

However, each VIP level team has a maximum investment amount for a single investor at this level. A single investor in a VIP1 team, for example, has a weekly investment limit of 5,000 USDT, whereas a single investor in a VIP2 team has a weekly investment limit of 10,000 USDT. IMC encourages other users to participate in order to prevent a single user from amassing an excessive amount of capital.

According to one of the team's core members, "IMC has created a standard in the field of AI and quantification by equipping itself with a significantly vast amount of industry experience, and the quantitative system is far ahead of the industry's basic level."




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