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Invest Smart: Unpacking the Potential of Uber, Coupang, and Oracle for Long-Term Tech Investors

by Michael Nicholas
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Invest Smart: Unpacking the Potential of Uber, Coupang, and Oracle for Long-Term Tech Investors

Investors looking for long-term growth and stability may find these tech stocks appealing, particularly considering their current valuations and growth prospects.

Key Takeaways

  • Uber, despite current stock stagnation, showcases financial improvements and holds promise with a healthy future outlook.
  • Coupang’s economic posture, although dulled post-IPO, reveals potential with an uptick in customer growth and impressive projected revenue.
  • Oracle emerges as a sound investment with substantial returns over the past five years, illustrating robustness in its strategic transitions.
  • All three companies—Uber, Coupang, and Oracle—offer differing investment narratives but underscore value in long-term tech stock investing.

Navigating through the ripple effects of rising interest rates, certain technology stocks present not only a refuge from the storm but also a potentially lucrative path for investors. Amid the wreckage of meme stocks and cryptocurrencies, Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER), Coupang (NYSE: CPNG), and Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) emerge as compelling avenues for shrewd long-term investments.


Despite maintaining a stock price around its IPO level of $45 per share, Uber has demonstrated robust financial health. The firm exhibited resilience amid the pandemic with a dip of only 11% in 2020’s gross bookings and rebounding powerfully with 56% and 83% growth in the subsequent two years. Moreover, Uber transitioned into profitability on a GAAP basis in Q2 2023, underscoring a fortitude that might reward patient investors, especially considering its 18% and 123% anticipated growth in revenue and adjusted EBITDA, respectively, for the current year.


Trading at over 50% below its IPO price, South Korea’s e-commerce giant Coupang might be perceived as a high-risk choice. The aftermath of the pandemic did impact its aura, with the growth rate slowing down from 54% in 2021 to 12% in 2022. However, 2023 brought revitalization with acceleration in active customer growth and total revenue in its initial two quarters. With analysts forecasting its revenue and adjusted EBITDA to ascend by 16% and 627% respectively, Coupang appears poised for a resilient comeback.


Previously pigeonholed as a steady, low-growth tech stock, Oracle has morphed into a lucrative investment, offering nearly 140% total return over the last five years. This surge is attributed to its strategic transition to cloud-based services and an aggressive share buyback strategy, alongside other fiscal maneuvers. Despite anticipating a minor slowdown in the first half of fiscal 2024, projections estimate around 8% growth for both its revenue and adjusted EPS for the entire year, coupled with a forward dividend yield of 1.5%.


Uber, Coupang, and Oracle represent diverse narratives within the tech industry, each portraying a distinctive investment profile. While Uber and Coupang exemplify recovery and potential undervaluation, Oracle illustrates the might of strategic transformation and fiscal management. Investors deploying a calculated $3,000 across these three tech entities could harness the diversity of these narratives, mitigating risks and potentially unlocking varied growth pathways in the long run.

Ensuring a balanced portfolio, especially amidst a climate of economic recalibrations, is crucial. Thus, while placing bets on these promising entities, investors must parallelly ensure that their investment strategy is aligned with their risk tolerance and financial goals, thereby intelligently navigating through the intricacies and potentialities of the tech investment landscape.

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