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Japanese Company Leverages XRP for Revolutionary Crypto Lending Outputs

by Stew Lane
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Japanese Company Leverages XRP for Revolutionary Crypto Lending Outputs

A surge of enthusiasm for XRP has been building in Japan, and the extraordinary 1.64 billion spot trading volume reported in September 2022 confirms this. Far outpacing Bitcoin’s 179.5 thousand units, XRP’s success has caught the eye of many crypto-trading firms who are now eager to offer it as part of their services – a revolutionary shift for the industry.

To capitalize on this growing trend, a new company is opening its doors to welcome the swell of XRP investors and traders. FUELHASH, a Tokyo-based crypto firm is taking an evolutionary leap forward by facilitating XRP as one of its supported assets.

FUELHASH is the only Japanese enterprise to provide this service for digital assets. Joining USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, ETC, and BNB. While there is no doubt that its rapid growth should be studied, the unprecedented demand might simply be a sign of an evolving climate in Japanese markets. The recent addition is just another step in the right direction toward both facilitating cryptocurrency trading and paving the way for increased global adoption.

How Will this Inclusion Benefit Borrowers?

Borrowing on the platform has become easier for borrowers with the recent addition of a fixed interest rate. With at least 100 XRP, borrowers can now enjoy 1.5% returns after 90 days and 1% returns after 60 days, providing lucrative opportunities to reap rewards from their investments.

Experts find these terms quite attractive – thanks to the platform’s flexibility and facility, users have got more options than ever before! The Japanese firm’s decision to list XRP for crypto lending is a monumental step forward in the cryptocurrency sphere and serves as a testament to its utility and robustness.

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