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Liquid Staking Solutions Revolutionize DeFi Landscape

by Stew Lane
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Liquid Staking Solutions Revolutionize DeFi Landscape

In a groundbreaking development within the DeFi ecosystem, liquid staking solutions such as Lido and Rocket Pool have surpassed decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in total value locked (TVL). As reported by the crypto analytics platform DefiLlama, these solutions now dominate the DeFi sector.

The Importance of TVL

TVL serves as a vital metric for determining the dollar value of all cryptocurrencies secured in a protocol’s smart contracts. With their recent growth, liquid staking solutions have overtaken DEXs in this measure.

A Swift Ascent to the Top

Liquid staking protocols have experienced rapid growth, rising to the top position in the DeFi ecosystem. As of April 13, liquid staking contracts held $17.19 billion in crypto compared to $18.89 billion in DEXs. However, a $1.66 billion decline in DEXs brought their TVL to $17.2 billion, while liquid staking solutions rose by $280 million to $17.47 billion.

Revolutionizing DeFi with Liquid Staking

Acting as staking pools, liquid staking protocols stake cryptocurrency on behalf of users and issue tokens representing the deposited crypto. The unique feature of these tokens is their compatibility with other DeFi apps, allowing users to stake and use their coins in multiple applications simultaneously.

Leading Liquid Staking Solutions

DefiLlama’s data from May 1 reveals that Lido (stETH) continues to lead the market, boasting $11.54 billion in locked cryptocurrency. Coinbase Wrapped Staked Ether (CBETH) ranks second with $2.19 billion, and Rocket Pool (rETH) claims third place with $1.46 billion. Although other protocols individually hold less than $1 billion in TVL, their combined total amounts to $2.22 billion.

The Birth of Liquid Staking

Lido’s launch in 2020 marked the beginning of the liquid staking era. The shift of Ethereum to a proof-of-stake model and the introduction of withdrawals have contributed to the rapid growth of liquid staking solutions, solidifying their presence in the DeFi world.

The Future of DeFi and Liquid Staking

The impressive growth of liquid staking solutions, including Lido and Rocket Pool, demonstrates the dynamic nature of the DeFi ecosystem. As these protocols continue to expand, they have the potential to reshape how users engage with DeFi applications, further driving innovation in decentralized finance.


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