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Mocaverse Teams Up with Rarible, Launches Unique NFT Marketplace

Animoca Brands joins forces with Rarible to establish Mocaverse Marketplace, an NFT platform tailored specifically for its unique membership NFT collection.

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Mocaverse Teams Up with Rarible

Key Points

  • Animoca Brands collaborates with Rarible to launch Mocaverse Marketplace, tailored for Animoca’s exclusive membership NFT collection.
  • The marketplace leverages Rarible’s decentralized infrastructure, ensuring security, and authenticity for its users.
  • Mocaverse integrates the Moca XP rewards system to heighten engagement and add value to its NFTs.
  • The new platform offers zero platform fees for initial listings and features Moca XP points along with five different Animoca Brands tokens.

Making waves in the NFT space, Animoca Brands and decentralized protocol heavyweight, Rarible, announced the launch of the Mocaverse Marketplace. This next-generation platform, specifically designed for Animoca’s membership NFT collection, presents a unique, secure, and credible environment for digital asset transactions.

The Mocaverse Marketplace, backed by the decentralized strength of the Rarible Protocol, brings a new level of security to the NFT space. This association, endorsed by RARI token holders, aims to cut down on users’ risk exposure to potentially harmful software, creating a safer transactional experience.

Disrupting the NFT Marketplace

In a major boost for users, the Mocaverse Marketplace will offer no platform fees on its initial native listings. It guarantees royalties on all sales and presents exclusive features tied to the Mocaverse collection. Among these innovative offerings is the visibility of Moca XP points and support for a suite of five ERC-20 Animoca Brands tokens.

The Mocaverse Marketplace looks to foster active community participation by integrating the Moca XP rewards system. Users can earn Moca XP points through activities like staking, social media engagement, and contributions to the Moca DAO. A higher Moca XP score correlates to a better chance of earning rewards, thus adding more value to Mocaverse NFTs beyond the inherent traits or rarity factors.

Animoca Brands’ Chief Business Officer, Alan Lau, noted the partnership with Rarible is set to offer a frictionless Mocaverse experience by introducing unique marketplace features. Similarly, Rarible’s Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Salnikov, emphasized the criticality of developing secure and distinctive communities with their unique web3 space identities.

Fostering a Dedicated Community

A significant element of this new venture is the creation of a dedicated platform for Mocaverse enthusiasts. This platform serves as a springboard for community engagement and offers an escape from third-party policies, thus fostering a greater sense of ownership and belonging among its users.

End Note

The Mocaverse Marketplace ushers in a new era of NFT marketplaces, offering its community a dedicated platform, encouraging higher engagement, and reducing reliance on third-party policies. This strategic collaboration between Animoca Brands and Rarible signals a promising future for the NFT ecosystem, characterized by increased security, user-centered features, and a more immersive and enriching user experience.

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