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Philippines’ GoDigital Pilipinas Movement Aids Nation’s Digitization Effort

by Stew Lane
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Philippines' GoDigital Pilipinas Movement Aids Nation's Digitization Effort

In a bid to buoy the Philippine economy which has been heavily impacted by the COVID pandemic, the Philippines Private Sector Advisory Council, in partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Inter-Agency Council, has recently launched a mission called GoDigital Pilipinas (GDP). The program comes as a much-needed relief for many Filipinos who have been hit hard by COVID-19.

This crisis has had an immense impact on their economies and GDP is intended to help them get back on track. To accomplish this task the council will leverage the valuable knowledge of industry leaders, training partners, and educational institutions to ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities.

How will this Initiative Benefit Filipinos?

This ambitious effort seeks to address the economic crisis by focusing on upskilling people from various sectors so that they can make use of technology for innovation and development in their respective domains. This will not only create jobs but also enable Filipino citizens to become adept at leveraging digital tools such as social media, web designing, e-commerce, etc.

The country further aims to help spread knowledge regarding blockchain and crypto amongst the citizens to help the country become a blockchain hub, a much acclaimed technology in today’s digital era.

The Philippines government has been working on this blockchain project with nChain since 2022 and conducted its first-ever week-long blockchain week to upskill citizens to keep themselves updated with latest blockchain trends and technologies.

Overall, GoDigital Pilipinas could be a game-changer for Asia’s economic recovery post-pandemic. With its unique mix of advanced technologies and proven approaches, it may well prove invaluable in providing people with the means to adapt to challenging times.

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