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Rainar Razumovski Shares the Story Behind BLOCX and Its All-in-One Crypto Management Tool

by Michael Nicholas
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With all the buzzing developments in 2024, be it bitcoin crossing $70k or the possibility of Ethereum ETFs launch, these developments have kept the crypto community on edge. Amid this thrilling backdrop, a tool to effectively adopt this rapid change and help users manage their crypto assets securely and efficiently has never been more critical. 

Today, we have Rainar Razumovski, the founder of BLOCX with us, one of the platforms that seems to have grabbed the nerve of this ever-changing market. Rainar started BLOCX in 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia, to make crypto management easier. 

In this interview, we’ll discuss how BLOCX combines different features to create a seamless experience, enhances user safety with an AI assistant, and more.

Hello Rainar, thank you for joining us today. We’re excited to learn more about BLOCX and your journey.

Q1. Let’s start with the beginning. What inspired you to create BLOCX, and what unique problem does it aim to solve?

Rainar: The inspiration for BLOCX came from my personal user experience. I have been involved in the crypto industry since 2017 and have mined various currencies on my own. During this time, I had to use different pieces of software like TeamViewer, Afterburner, crypto wallets, and virus protection.

This is where the actual idea for BLOCX started, and development began. BLOCX aims to solve all these problems by offering an all-in-one computer management tool. Our solution integrates these functionalities into one platform and offers even more features, such as a system optimizer, password vault, distributed computing marketplace, AI assistant, and crypto wallet. This comprehensive tool is the backbone of BLOCX and marks the beginning of our journey.

Q2. Your background seems quite diverse. How did your previous experiences lead you to the idea of developing BLOCX?

Rainar: That is true. From a very young age, around 10, I was already intrigued by computers. I was hosting different servers, modifying clients and game code, and creating my own versions of some of the most famous multiplayer games at that time.

After that, school took up much of my time, and I ended up becoming a private chef for high-end clients from all over the world. Later, I studied law, started my own game development company, and had an internship at a software company to polish my skills.

Overall, I have had a lot of different experiences, but they all led me back to computers. As mentioned before, my own crypto journey began in 2017. Through this journey, I have built many connections in the crypto and IT sectors.

Q3. BLOCX has many standout features. Which feature are you most proud of, and why do you think it sets BLOCX apart from other platforms?

Rainar: That is correct. I believe BLOCX is a true all-in-one computer manager because it genuinely has it all. No one in the regular computing space or the crypto space has ever offered such comprehensive features. This truly sets us apart as we are the first of our kind.

We also have other solutions like B.TXT, Marketplace, and B.Guard, a full suite for mobiles. However, the backbone, BLOCX Desktop, is the most unique.

Q4. Security is a major concern for users. Can you explain how the AI Assistant in BLOCX enhances user safety and overall experience?

Rainar: Sure, the AI assistant has really good tools for that.

The Website Scanner allows you to place a URL in it, and it will automatically scan any website, detecting if there might be any malicious code or links.

Then there is a scam identifier. This tool works with AI and will initially be available for email, Discord, and Telegram usernames and groups. You can simply scan any of these, and our system will tell you if the account has been reported for any kind of inappropriate activity.

Additionally, there is the Contract Scanner, which you can use to scan around 40 different blockchain contracts, giving you assurance before making any decisions.

Overall, you can say it is a crucial part of our BLOCX Desktop and definitely brings value to our users.

Q5. Malware threats are constantly evolving. What specific measures does BLOCX take to ensure its malware protection stays up-to-date?

Rainar: They are indeed. Our current product is an MVP, and the virus scanning and detection are library-based. We can say that it already has a very good detection rate, picking up some things that other top malware scanners don’t. As you mentioned, malware threats are constantly evolving, and new viruses with new DNAs are emerging daily.

Once we have completed and delivered our MVP within this year, BLOCX will start implementing additional layers of detection, such as code sniffing and AI layers. These enhancements will allow us to detect potentially malicious code that has been modified. With these two layers in place, we can proudly say that we stand with the best of the best.

Q6. The Non-Custodial Wallet is a key feature. How does it ensure the security and privacy of users’ cryptocurrencies?

Rainar: It truly is. Everything relies on our non-custodial wallet. As we offer decentralized services without any data collection, our wallet serves as the user’s login. To use our tools or software, you must create a wallet and log in with it; everything is connected to your wallet. Regarding security and privacy, it is a decentralized wallet, so only the person who has the keys has access to it, and once again, there is no data collection.

Q7. B.TXT is described as a fully decentralized messenger. How does this technology work, and what makes it more secure than traditional encrypted messengers

Rainar: BTXT is more than end-to-end encrypted, it is truly decentralized, meaning your data is yours only, with no central authority.

Here’s how it works: The user signs into BTXT and chooses one masternode as their server. When the user connects to another user, the masternode acts as a connection establisher by exchanging both users’ encrypted IPs with each other. After that, the masternode vanishes, and communication is truly person-to-person. This ensures 100% decentralization, something not everyone can claim.

Q8. The BLOCX Marketplace offers some interesting opportunities. Can you share a few examples of how users can leverage their computing power or storage for rewards?

Rainar: Yes, a person who wants to rent out their computer can simply log in to our marketplace with their wallet. After that, they click on “Add Machine,” download our client, which auto-detects the hardware, and then pick their hourly rate and availability time. It’s that easy—simple and seamless.

After some time, someone can rent this machine and use it for various tasks like rendering, machine learning, or custom Docker images. Once the person renting the machine stops their session, the user who rented their computer out will be rewarded based on the hours or time used.

Rewards will be paid out in BLOCX.

Q9. User experience is crucial. How does BLOCX ensure a smooth and seamless experience across different operating systems?

Rainar: If we talk about the marketplace, everyone can participate regardless of the operating system they have, especially when it comes to renting a machine. However, when it comes to being a host and listing your computing power, this will be limited to Linux and Windows only—since who would like to rent out their Mac, right?

Overall, we have thought about it all and have made our marketplace super easy and seamless to use, even for people who are not tech-savvy. Everything is easy to use, with simple clicks and guidance all the way through.

Q10. Looking to the future, what new features or services are you most excited about in the upcoming updates for BLOCX?

Rainar: The most immediate event in the coming future is our marketplace release, together with our mining algorithm change, which will happen around July 20th.

Following that, we have more exciting developments lined up, such as the new version release of BLOCX Desktop, which will include a VPN for five different locations—all for free for our early BLOCXers. Additionally, we are releasing a new AI assistant feature called Quick Contract Scanner.

After that, you can expect B.TXT, our messaging platform, to be available for mobile devices! All in all, there’s a lot happening as we have four teams constantly working on different pieces of software.

Thank you, Rainar, for sharing your insights. Your passion for making crypto management simple and secure is clear. We’re looking forward to seeing how BLOCX continues to innovate and grow.

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