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Roaring Leaders Announces $ROAR Token, Enabling Its NFT Holders to Monetize Their Assets

by David Perry
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Holders of Roaring Leaders’ NFTs Can Now Earn the New $ROAR Token by Staking and Can Breed Their Assets to Create a New Line of Avatars, the Roaring Leaders Cubs
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2021 / Roaring Leaders, an innovative deflationary NFT collection designed by Marvel Comics artist Carlos Dattoli, announces the immediate launch of the $ROAR token.
With $ROAR, NFT owners can now earn a passive stream of income from their holdings. Each day, Roaring Leaders’ holders can earn 10 $ROAR tokens, allowing them to cash in on the appreciating value of their holdings.
Staking is a fairly new concept in NFTs, allowing holders to see immediate tangible returns from their assets. Previously, most NFTs were either held until they appreciated or bought to burn them to increase scarcity. Staking opens up new revenue streams for NFT holders, with the platform able to manage the safekeeping and governance. Genesis CyberKongz , for example, has a floor price of over 87.5 ETH partly because they started to implement new utilities and tokens. Genesis CyberKongz earn 10 $BANANAS everyday for ten years, although the baby CyberKongz did not.
Specific use cases of the $ROAR token include breeding to get Roaring Leader Cubs, auctions in $ROAR, items from the Jungle store useful in the Roaring Leaders metaverse, and exclusive mints paid in $ROAR.
Roaring Leaders Cubs is a completely new NFT collection created through breeding. Breeding is done Tinder-style, which means that if you do not own both a male and a female of your own, you may “date” others to breed. Breeding costs $ROAR and starts at 600 $ROAR per cub. The cost of breeding will increase for every 2,500 cubs bred and there is a max supply of 10,000 cubs. Roaring Leaders Cubs also generate $ROAR when staked, just like their parents.
Founder Paras Malhotra a.k.a “Treasure Seeker” said, “The utility of Roaring Leaders is unrivalled in the NFT market – we have staking to earn $ROAR, breeding, deflationary upgrades, a store to buy items in $ROAR and a huge Leaders Fund, which fractionalizes ownerships of some of the biggest blue chip NFTs like a Bored Ape Yacht Club, Veefriends, Art Blocks, Cool Cats and on its way to add a Cryptopunk!”
As of November X, 2021, the price of $ROAR is $1.40, and the current floor price of Roaring Leader NFTs is $362. The deflationary nature of Roaring Leaders NFTs will only increase the token’s value over time. NFT holders have the option to burn an NFT to create an elixir, which gives them the ability to upgrade the rarity of one trait of another Roaring Leader NFTs of their choosing. When this happens, the supply of the collection decreases, increasing the value for all holders.
Roaring Leaders has the first-ever NFT mutual fund called the Leaders’ Fund. 50% of all secondary royalties go towards this fund, which is used to buy other “blue chip” NFTs based on community voting. The founders have also gifted four blue-chip NFTs of their own to the Leaders’ Fund, including one BAYC, one M2 mutant ape, one Chrome Squiggle, and one Cool Cat. The value of the fund is currently $0.65 million.
$ROAR is unique in its exceptionally high yield given its current pricing. This provides an exciting opportunity for those looking to start or expand their NFT portfolios and benefit from their holdings from day one.
Those interested in Roaring Leaders NFTs can browse current listings on OpenSea at https://opensea.io/collection/roaringleaders , or visit their website at www.roaringleaders.io to learn more about the collection.
About Roaring Leaders
Roaring Leaders is a unique deflationary collection of 10,000 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Their artwork includes over 200 handcrafted traits to capture the spirit and energy defining the leaders of the world represented by the lions and tigers of the jungle. By staking the NFTs, users can earn $ROAR tokens as a reward. The Roaring Leaders can “mate” and breed a new line of avatars called the Roaring Leaders Cubs.
For more information, see this explanatory video on YouTube.
Visit the Roaring Leaders Website: https://roaringleaders.io/
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Name – Paras Malhotra
Company name – NFT Studio World
Email : Kurt@cryptoprlabs.com

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