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Seedbox Plans to Launch a New Launchpad With Upgraded Features and Benefits.

by Michael Nicholas
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Dubai, July 2022 – ‘SeedBox,’ a native all-in-one platform that assists retail investors in accessing venture capital, has announced it will soon launch a new launchpad with exciting new features and benefits.

Seedbox is the first IVO (Initial Venture Offering) launchpad to provide mass retail investors with a wide range of VC opportunities. Furthermore, the platform offers a tier-less IDO system accessible to everyone. As part of its unique referral program, the company also provides guaranteed allocations at an early stage to users.  

As a provider of top-notch expertise and due diligence on projects and companies seeking funding for private or public rounds, SeedBox aims to address the needs of market participants. As an incubating platform, the company does not provide the launchpad solution directly but provides them with the resources and insights to aid in the launch. 

Seedbox has completed the development of its core launchpad product and has secured our lead investor, Fonte Capital, a private equity firm based in AIFC, on a seed round. In addition, the platform is seeking to raise $495,500 at the FDMC of $9,000,000 at a price of $0.03 per SBX for its native token. 

With the funds raised, the platform plans to hire new developers and marketing and business development specialists and enhance their product features in conjunction with their full-fledged marketing campaign.

Recently, the platform announced that an ecosystem update had been released. A new version of the IDO, IVO, trade-in and referral program was released with this update. In the IDO update, the platform announced that it would allow users who have passed KYC on participating in IDO without staking. With the referral program update, users can now receive NRG points which can be used to reduce participation commissions, increase allocation multipliers, and get discounts on tier upgrades. 

The Seedbox has announced the opening of the seed round, explaining that while the tokens are not freely available currently, there has not yet been a token generation event, which is why users should purchase the tokens as soon as possible. 

According to the roadmap, in quarter 2, 2022, the platform will release the IDO platform and deploy it on the Polygon Mainnet, as well as launch the tier-based SBX staking system and integrate LossLess. The third quarter will see the launch of farming and community pools, the launch of a cross-chain bridge with staking, and the implementation of multichain support for BSC, Avalanche, and Ethereum.  

Furthermore, Seedbox explained that the fourth quarter of 2022 will witness the addition of decentralized Oracle and database services to the platform, as well as the launch of the NFT marketplace, the launch of Open APIs, and the launch of INO.

About SeedBox

As a top-notch platform for launching IDOs, SeedBox provides access to venture capital to retail investors. SeedBox’s mission is to revolutionize the decentralized crowdfunding market, granting retail investors unprecedented access to the seed and private stages of investment rounds while simultaneously contributing to the development of tomorrow’s ideas through this invaluable funding source.


Website: https://seedbox.fi/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/seedbox_fi 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seedbox_fi 

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