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Stefan Matthews Discussed his Plan to Digitize Philippines

by Michael Nicholas
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Stefan Matthews Discussed his Plan to Digitize Philippines

Stefan Matthews, the co-founder and executive chairman of nChain Group, is creating a stir in the cryptocurrency community with his ambitions to use BSV blockchain technology to digitize the Philippine government. Matthews disclosed his plans for cryptocurrency adoption in an interview with CoinGeek and addressed them to the Filipino government.

The BSV blockchain has a lot of potential, according to Matthews, as a way to store and secure data for particular regions. He thinks that by employing this technology, the Filipino government will be able to improve system efficiency and streamline its operations. Matthews acknowledges the necessity for education and training as well alongside the implementation of new technology.

To ensure that they have the necessary abilities, he intends to offer blockchain training to Ateneo faculty and students. Anyone interested in the future of cryptocurrencies and how they might change global governments will find this to be exciting news. We can foresee a better, more creative future where blockchain technology will be at the forefront of change thanks to Stefan Matthews’ leadership.

Philippines Government is also Making Effort to Digitize the Country

Lately, Philippine President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr intervened as well to modernize the country through digital reforms. The province of Bataan also held its first blockchain conference in reaction in October 2022. Government representatives from the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) and local and international blockchain leaders who attended gave the event more significance.

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