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Structure Source Announced as Elite Sponsor for Mining Disrupt 2023

by Michael Nicholas
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Miami, Florida, July 20, 2023 — Structure Source, Europe’s leading power solution provider, has been announced as an Elite Sponsor for Mining Disrupt 2023, the prime conference for blockchain and cryptocurrency mining innovation.

Having established itself as a leading power company in Europe over the past decade, Structure Source has grown a reputation for designing and manufacturing bespoke power units that meet clients’ requirements, and budget constraints, and are delivered globally within a standard service period of 7-10 days. Their expertise has made them a preferred choice for numerous leading businesses globally.

With this Elite Sponsorship, Structure Source aims to showcase its unique power solutions to the cryptocurrency mining community. The company offers a range of power distribution units (PDUs), from basic to highly intelligent designs, that can meet any power requirement.

Their product range includes Standard Rack PDUs offering a cost-effective power solution; IP Power Monitored PDU solutions for power metrics monitoring; IP Power Managed PDU for remote control over individual sockets; Local Metered units providing a simple, reliable power indication to prevent overload; and a wide array of Power Accessories. All products are built to specification and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

The company also offers the innovative IEX C13/C19 Socket, a unique combination of sockets designed to allow full usage of the PDU at all times, accommodating different input plugs without hassle.

Structure Source specializes in build-to-order PDUs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each application. Their on-site materials processing center enables them to supply over 95% of the components themselves. This high level of control allows the company to maintain superior quality while meeting clients’ lead-time expectations.

On top of delivering superior products, Structure Source is also committed to premium service from design through to delivery. Their honest and competitive pricing ensures their solutions are affordable, and the company prides itself on being able to deliver globally within 7-10 days.

As a sponsor of Mining Disrupt 2023, Structure Source will have the opportunity to showcase its power solutions to the world’s top blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals. This will allow attendees to learn about the company’s unique approach to power requirements, and how their ongoing product development can deliver the latest technologies within a short lead time.

About Structure Source:

Structure Source is an independent manufacturer of Power Distribution Units (PDU) established over 10 years ago. They have become one of the leading power companies in Europe, servicing OEMs, Distributors, and End User Clients with bespoke designs, delivered globally within 7-10 days. With offices in the UK, Spain, and China, they are well-positioned to support your business across Europe.

Source: Mining Disrupt Press (https://miningdisrupt.com/

Media Contact:

Website: https://www.structuresource.com/

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