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Texas House Passes Bill to Ensure Crypto Exchange Transparency

by Michael Nicholas
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Texas House Passes Bill

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is taking a giant leap forward in the Lone Star State. On Thursday, April 20th, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow for the use of Proof-of-Reserve (PoR) technology in financial transactions. This groundbreaking legislation marks an important milestone for the industry and could pave the way for further adoption of blockchain technology across other states.

Crypto companies to prove their reserves

The PoR bill was introduced by Representative Giovanni Capriglione and co-sponsored by seven other representatives from both sides of the aisle. It seeks to create a framework that allows companies to use PoR technology to prove their reserves when conducting financial transactions with customers or other businesses. The bill also requires companies to provide proof that they are maintaining sufficient funds in reserve at all times, ensuring transparency and trust between parties involved in any transaction.

Protecting consumers from risks

This move is seen as a major step forward for blockchain technology, as it provides legal recognition and protection for businesses using PoR systems while also providing clarity on how these systems should be used within existing regulations. It also serves as an example of how governments can embrace new technologies while still protecting consumers from potential risks associated with them.

As one of the first states to pass such legislation, Texas has set an example that could be followed by other states looking to adopt similar measures in order to promote innovation within their own jurisdictions. With this move, Texas has taken a bold step towards embracing blockchain technology while simultaneously protecting its citizens from potential risks associated with it – something many have been calling for since its inception into mainstream society several years ago.

This news comes at an exciting time for those involved in cryptocurrency and web3 technologies, not only does it provide legal recognition and protection but it also serves as evidence that governments around the world are beginning to recognize its potential benefits – something many have long been advocating for since its emergence into mainstream society several years ago. As more countries begin recognizing this innovative form of finance, we can expect further adoption across different jurisdictions which will undoubtedly lead us closer towards mass adoption worldwide.

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