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Recruiting Firms in Japan Are Using the Metaverse

by Stew Lane
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Recruiting Firms in Japan Are Using the Metaverse

The recruitment and job-search scene in Japan is beginning to shift as a result of metaverse technology. A job fair with over 2,000 students in attendance gave them the chance to interact with recruiters through virtual avatars and consider the features and disadvantages of each career opportunity.

According to the reports, participants were free to raise sensitive issues pertaining to these employment offerings because of the anonymity provided by the metaverse. Neo Career Co, which handled the job-related chores, and X Inc., which handled the metaverse-related duties, arranged the event, which involved 179 companies. Different businesses indicated that this was likely one of the biggest events  in Japan and reiterated the advantages of the metaverse for all these hiring operations.

Future of Metaverse 

While some have expressed skepticism regarding the usage of metaverse tools, someone else has expressed support for the potential influence that this technology may have on the industry. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, lauded the technologies used in these endeavors.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) chairman, Klaus Schwab, recently met with him, and he expressed his belief that the sense of presence that metaverse apps provided were too good. The program, called the Global Collaboration Village, was developed in partnership with the WEF and aims to use metaverse to make the Davos summits permanent so that officials can communicate all year round.

Japan’s other organizations are already allowing citizens to create a digital presence by utilizing metaverse technology. For instance, Toda City announced in October that it was deploying metaverse capabilities to enable pupils to receive lessons from home as a strategy to combat school absenteeism. The University of Tokyo declared in July that it would teach students more about the metaverse and its functioning while also providing engineering courses using tools from the metaverse.

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