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Trinity Gaming Collaborates with Everdome to Boost Web3 Adoption among Indian Gamers

by Michael Nicholas
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Trinity Gaming Collaborates with Everdome to Boost Web3 Adoption

India’s Trinity Gaming has embarked on a unique partnership with Everdome, a move that promises to usher in the first Mars-based virtual community. The venture will transition the gaming landscape in India from the current Web2 platform to a more advanced and interactive Web3.

As part of the deal, Trinity Gaming secures access to coveted virtual real estate on Mars. This space will be distributed amongst esports bodies, brands, corporate entities, and content creators, further enhancing the gaming community’s dynamism.

EmChain FZE Steps into Guide Content Creators 

In order to promote understanding and proper usage of the Web3 and blockchain sector, the partnership has enlisted the services of blockchain-specialized firm EmChain FZE. This collaboration will play a pivotal role in coaching content creators, and equipping them with relevant skills for this transition.

Unveiling a New Frontier for Indian Gamers 

Everdome, boasting over half a million supporters since its inception in 2022, provides an unparalleled metaverse experience. Shivam Rao, the COO and founder of Trinity Gaming, sees an opportunity here for Indian content creators to design immersive gaming experiences. Everdome’s Artur Kaczmarczyk, the Chief Growth Officer, is eager to interact with new demographics and the gaming community at large.

Opportunities Abound in the Metaverse 

Towqeer Gilkar, Emchain’s CEO, underscores the potential of the metaverse for engagement, community cultivation, and income generation. Virtual boot camps can be established on allocated land, complete with streaming rooms, lounges, art galleries, and play zones. Revenue streams could come from ticket sales, brand collaborations, NFT transactions, esports, content IPs, and fan encounters.

Envisioning a Web3-Dominant Indian Gaming Scene 

Trinity Gaming, since its establishment in 2019, has strived to cultivate the largest talent pool in India’s gaming community. Through its collaboration with Everdome, it aims to expedite the Indian gaming community’s shift to Web3 and increase its metaverse engagement, thus broadening the horizon for gamers, creators, and fans alike.

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