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Yuga Labs Debuts NFT Collection ‘TwelveFold’ on Bitcoin Blockchain

by Stew Lane
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Yuga Labs Debuts NFT Collection 'TwelveFold' on Bitcoin Blockchain

Yuga Labs have unveiled an ordinal inscription collection TwelveFold, their newest and most ambitious foray into the NFT space. This collection is set to revolutionize blockchain technology with its unparalleled utilization of the bitcoin blockchain. With eye-catching features that encourages enthusiasts from all over to partake in this unique corner of the crypto sphere, it has sparked a resurgence of interest within the community.

Experienced people are confident that this collection will be sure to capture attention with its multitude of extraordinary features. Riding the wave of a surge in popularity for ordinal inscriptions, a prominent firm debuted an exclusive offering of 300 digital artifacts – each inscribed with satoshis on the bitcoin blockchain.

This limited edition collection has been making headlines due to its innovative nature and fresh take on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Drawing from their years of experience and expertise, the experts delved into this latest development with curiosity and admiration, remarking that these artifacts are not just symbols of personal value but tangible pieces of virtual history for the blockchain era.

How Ordinals will help to Mitigate the ongoing NFT Crisis?

As the NFT community struggles to match last year’s sales figures of 60,000 per day, ordinals have arrived as a saving grace. These unique digital assets are rapidly gaining traction in the virtual world, with over 200,000 being inscribed since the start of 2021.

The meteoric rise of ordinals offers an exciting opportunity for the NFT market and its merchants to capitalize on this growth potential and get back on track to success.

When will the Auction go live?

Touted as one of the most highly anticipated auctions in recent memory, the TwelveFold sale is set to go live later this week.

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