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German government grants $1.2M to Flying Sheep Studios

by Michael Nicholas
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German government grants $1.2M to Flying Sheep Studios

The future game from the studio will take place in an immersive virtual world where users may engage with one another and try out different landscapes. Modern technology and creative gaming mechanics will be used in the game to provide players with a distinctive and engaging experience.

The investment is a result of a German government program to encourage the creation of companies and cutting-edge technologies in the gaming sector. With this financing, Flying Sheep Studios, who have a track record of producing popular games, will be able to further their most recent undertaking. With this latest addition Flying Sheep Studios has emerged as the first major investment by iCandy Interactive in Europe. The company has developed several video game studios for Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia) earlier.

How will this Game Benefit the Users?

Players can enjoy the Star Life metaverse by following a few easy steps via a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices. The game also focuses on diversity, providing players with multiple options for character creation, shopping, and community-driven events, including concerts and exhibitions.

Flying Sheep is thrilled to receive this funding from the German government,” according to the spokesperson this investment will help give employment opportunities to the citizens.

Star Life will also add optional blockchain-enabled items, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the platform, offering players more ownership and agency over their virtual belongings. These assets can be sent and leveraged on multiple platforms, making the process streamlined and simple. Players can enjoy playing this amazing game for free.

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